November 13, 2020

Is there the space for nuance and debate?

Eoghann MacColl

Mixed media on Hardwood (offcut)Dark/Light, 202011.2cm x 6cm x 2.4cm

This piece has been with me in several forms for the last twelve months. Sometimes it’s a horizon. 2020 is a year like no other. Covid-19, Brexit, BLM, US Elections, the end to freedom of movement. Someone else has pulled up the drawbridge even though we did not agree. Truth versus Lies. Hope versus Fear. Yet we all have to find a common ground. Communities need to live with each other. Nothing is black and white. Dark/Light is optimistic and comes out of a darkness, Tha sin Dubh ‘s Geal anns a’ Ghaidhlig. What language do we think in, what language do we dream in? All these variances and subtleties matter and are worth holding onto. We need to value nuance and tone, we need to listen. From there with we have hope.