January 29, 2020

Is there really Objective Socialism?

Darren Leckie

Death and decay, Regrown and reborn, 2019

The hammer and sickle have rusted and cracked, this symbolises the fall of Communism and its ideas and values are abandoned, left to decay for all of time. The wheat heads struggle to survive in a world of changing environments and ideals, one wheat head can’t except the fall of Communism and died with its ideals. The other wheat head adapts to the wind of change and expects the new world of liberal ideas and market competition and this wheat head thrives. The Labour rose grows its roots spread far out. The rose peaceful overgrows the hammer and sickle, this symbolisms Socialism’s growth as an ideology of equality, justice and fighting against greed and corruption. The many adaptations of Socialism have helped to interconnect with the ideas of Democracy, liberal ideals of rights and freedoms and to support the development of Free market Capitalist economies and to prove Marx’s principles wrong be creating new ideas.