September 27, 2019

Is There Productivity Within Nostalgia?

Katie F, 23

Nostalgia and sentimentality possess contrasting connotations and my entry explores the productivity within feeling nostalgic about your mother land. My piece is liquored in positivity and hopefulness but honing in with a birds eye view, is there a productive purpose in feeling nostalgia? With the current chaotic and disconcerting political status, I question can feelings of nostalgia spur an individual to feel, for example more politically engaged or perhaps withdraw them? I wrote this piece on a train journey travelling to Scotland (400 miles away) as I felt a pang of homesickness and felt invigoration and warmth from writing the piece but upon reflection, I question the nature of its contents productivity. I feel that nostalgia is often brimming with beautiful, poetic qualities and I question the power within the beauty.