November 27, 2018

Is there more than meets the eye?

Sarah Mclean


As soon as it happened, I knew I wanted to write about this experience. We judge people every day, whether consciously or otherwise, but it’s important to take a step back sometimes, and ask ourselves: what’s beneath the “smudged” surface? You might not always want to talk to someone, but they might need to talk to you, and I firmly believe that most people have something interesting to say: Davie certainly did.

The essence of a story is “universal human experience.” An experience such as being on a train, and talking to another human with a few more flaws than you, or perhaps they’re just different ones. Does that mean you should turn away when all they want to do is chat? I didn’t want this story to become a sermon, but through writing it down, I could delve into what I thought, the pity and frustration after the laughter had died away. Because there are many Davies.

This is an old story. But I hope that in my take on it, readers may see beyond what their eyes say, to the personality beneath, so that perhaps they won’t one-hundred percent agree with those in the carriage who were “glad it wasn’t them.” I’m not saying it’s always this simple, but if you have the choice to treat people as they treat you, then why not?

Seashells, memoir.