January 5, 2020

Is there life after brain surgery?

Helen Butler, 39

This piece is based on my own personal journey. I had brain surgery to control my epilepsy in July 2018. It involved four years of testing and lots of research into other people’s experiences. I often dreamed of owning a crystal ball so I could envisage what life would be like after the surgery. This would have made the decision to go forward with surgery a lot easier. So many questions were left unanswered as I signed on the dotted line and entered the theatre. What if it went wrong? Would it change for the better or the worse? Would I be able to do my job? How would it affect everyone around me? Would I be seizure free? What would life be like in one year? I can safely say life has changed, for the better. I am still in work and I am 18 months seizure free. After the surgery I kept an art blog of my recovery and where I was emotionally. I have been using this to help other people going through the same journey. So, yes, there is life after brain surgery, you just have to live it.

My future is in my hands, 2020Pencil21cmx26cm