January 30, 2019

Is there imperfection in perfect?

Natasha Arnold


Mental health! Finding a sense of relaxation and acceptance in the presence of very little.

We live in such a hectic generation and something that we once appreciated as a connection (social media) we now find ourselves over pressured, and in to what? We do not know.

Here my image is from a series of ten I made as a fine art project for college last year.

I found these fine art long exposures to be rather relaxing and open to every viewers perception.


Love in Despair

My love for this image comes from its messiness alongside its minimalism.

For me it really represents today’s human race, with imperfection in perfect. at a glance you don’t see anything other than the image and its peacefulness until you look closely you start to realise small shadows and smudges of the shade grey/black overall contrasting mental health in us all no matter how we come across, if you look closely enough sometimes its okay to not be okay.