April 29, 2021

‘Is There Identity In Our Landscape?’

Kathleen Crilly

Watercolour, Print, Spray Paint, Markers And ThreadPainting, 202188x85cm

During lockdown, I think we all looked at the environment we were locked into and began to re-examine our own connection to it. I wanted to explore that theme and how human nature resembles the natural landscapes we are in. The painting was an experimental final that explores abstract watercolour and controlling the fluidity of the medium with mix media elements. Focusing on the interconnectivity of lines and how that is repeated in our skin, map contours and wood knots, I created a lino-print that is repeated in the piece. This print was there to represent my own palm in a tight rigid square, feeling trapped in a geometric space like lockdown. The sown in thread running through the centre, connecting the piece together was there to connect my identity and landscape to create this abstract piece.