September 1, 2019

Is there hidden beauty in technological errors?

Katie Hallam, 37

Technology consumes us all in today’s society. I am interested in the relationship we have with all digital technologies and as a photographer I am intrigued in exploring the construction and deconstruction of digital images; data, coding, pixels and the glitches that can occur in our technological experiences. My work explore the question: Is it the technology itself that is the cause of ‘the beautiful error’ or our own hand that forces the interruption?

An error is a blatant display of lack of control but what it could symbolise is something very different; perhaps a viewpoint that technology is telling us to slow down and telling to realise the consequences of our capacity to be brainwashed with visual culture. My work therefore explores the unknown error in our ever growing saturation of images and visual interfaces and the results in my eyes are quite beautiful.

The Viewer, Digital Photograph70x70cm