January 17, 2020

Is there beauty in the mundane?

David Seddon

Digital photographySymmetry, 2019A4/A3

The sublime exists within the everyday object, it is a question of adjusting our perspectives to highlight this. Symmetry alters perspective. Making random image kaleidoscopes creates patterns, which offer the viewer the chance to interpret the visual in different contexts. Something irregular becomes ordered, ugly becomes beautiful, a mess of twigs becomes a face. In this series of images some visual impressions have been suggested in poetic form, while others are left open to interpretation. There is a contrast created in the component parts and the overall first impressions they create – this means that the more that you look, the more you see. The human mind is designed to look for patterns and recognisable shapes. We are looking for a sense of ourselves in the external, and this work seeks to represent some of the poetry of that search, touching on the dark and light, with equal reverence and elevating the mundane to a state of wonder.