January 31, 2020

Is there beauty in our prosaic everyday world?

Jim Kelly, 61

I like to paint the beauty in the scenes I encounter in the everyday world around me. I am fascinated by the contrast between very bright and very dark light in the environment and the visual drama it can create and its representation of a moment in time. I paint both night scenes and daytime scenes and am fascinated by light and shadow and make these a feature of my work. Much of my work is figurative and attempts to capture ordinary people going about their daily business. My aim is to convey to the viewer how interesting and attractive cityscapes and the natural environment can be. The purpose of my art is to invite the audience to appreciate the mundane but thought-provoking scenes in their own environment. I think it is important to appreciate how beautiful the world around us can be

Is There Beauty In Our Prosaic Everyday World?, 2019Acrylics13.5 x 17.5 inches