November 1, 2020

Is there an exit plan? Or are our lives and minds in lock down forever?

K Mclean

Mixed mediaBarcoded humanoid,

Its the year 2020 and what an extremely unusual one. If we are doing it all in the name of health and living then surely statistics are enough to allow life to return. Zero tier means pretty much nothing. Are we here to live life or here to hide until the inevitable. From conception birth and exploring our creativity we are now being told to upskill, reskill and the creative industries the creative minds are not viable! Will we ever escape lockdown and save our minds and bodies from the shackles. Life is everything in the middle before the inevitable we are here a very short time, when will wellbeing, nature and contact be restored? Because the reality is that without it life is nothing more than existence and looking more like a sci-fi movie every week. The barcoded humanoid. Chained and silenced. Control of movement the digiworld closed borders closed minds an unnecessary evil?