September 30, 2019

Is there always enough love to go around?

Stewart McMillan

PoetryIs there always enough love to go around?, 2019

My first experience in falling in love with someone that I knew I couldn’t be with is partly what lead me to writing the poem, that and the more recent circumstance of a friend, who was experiencing something similar.

My partner and I engaged freely, as if nothing would occur, knowing that our date of separation was quickly approaching. It was short lived, but infinite loved poured from us both. Our paths were not meant to continue in the same direction at that time.

My friends situation brought back memories of my love on seeing the photographs that he sent of his recent trip with his girlfriend at that time. He was also only a temporary resident in that place and was soon to leave the country, however, I noticed from his shots, without his description about his relationship, I knew they were in love. The glow on her face as he pointed the camera at her would light any space.

It was obvious that they were in love, but again, why did we all engage recklessly, in knowing that it was not meant to be?

On reflection, I guess we were lucky.