January 30, 2021

Is There A Way Out?

Nicolò Urbani

Through My Mind's Eyes, 2020

This is a very frequent question that we have been asking to ourselves throughout this long and terrible Covid-19 crisis.

During lockdown I first felt like my mind was made up of a series of empty frames, lacking of photographic creativity and happiness. Time seemed slow and heavy, making my head feel foggy and lost. But I kept saying to myself that those frames had to be filled in some way.

Therefore, I dedicated myself to new activities, which distracted me from all of this. I developed my fantasy and my imagination, picturing myself in surreal environments. I finally feel lighter and freer, and time seems to be going faster.

This makes me feel good, and the gaps I previously had in my mind start getting filled with creative works such as this one. Trying to live with the little things that make us happy can be the strongest weapon to destroy all the limitations we have now. We are responsible for making our lanterns bright, to give light to a world that is desperately asking for help, and through my mind’s eyes I am sharing with you the process that allowed me to find an answer to this question.