May 31, 2020

Is there a truth or plan beyond present experience that can console us?

Iain Macdonald

ProseSome Things Last A Long Time, 2020

When I considered this piece, it had been something I had wanted to write for some time, albeit I did not know it would be in a digressive and confessional format. I think it is a kind of concentrated essay of bildungsroman, yet instead of tracing the growth from childhood to maturity through a gradual and extended process it explores this in a bright flash over a period of perhaps a year where these changes culminated. I think the three intertwined tropes of the essay are as follows: sanity, love, and maturity. I could not have written this without the sober mind after some time. It’s worth bearing in mind that these three themes are by nature ineffable and largely resistant to scientific inquiry. I believe that makes them the perfect subject for artistic exposition, as from the documented beginnings of human history what we cannot explain a priori we expound on through sewing our experiences into a narrative and offering the result to others. The underlying value of this work is the tenuous relationship we have to the experiences that define us, how out of our concerted control they seem.