June 24, 2019

Is there a sense of isolation that is felt by many Chinese people living in Glasgow?

Frank Timson, 21

Does this prevent integration? Six Thousand Miles’ is a documentary short that aims to provide audiences, both Cantonese and English speaking, an insight into the life and thoughts of a Hong Kong student living six thousand miles from home.

I made this film because I really wanted to find out why there is such a social divide between the native Glaswegian population and the Hong Kong and Chinese population living in Glasgow. Although I haven’t necessarily answered this huge question, I feel that the documentary scratches the surface and at least allows English speakers to understand the thoughts and feelings of someone they might not normally, easily be able to.

Director, Frank Timson
Narration, San Wa “Leo” Yip
Production Assistant, Alia-Lauren Clain
Colour Graded by Raitis Petrovs

Six Thousand Miles,
Digital Movie,
1.78 : 1 / (high definition)

Frank Timson is a Glasgow based filmmaker and music producer.