January 30, 2020

Is there a Rhythm in Urban Landscape?

Soosan Danesh

AcrylicRhythm, Edinburgh Closes, 2013250cm x 60cm

Rhythm is a combination of painted woods assembled together to create a new perception and wonder of urban landscape; harmony and curiosity play a big part in construction of my work. Abstraction is my main focus. I consider my practice an ongoing journey as I compose elaborate and atmospheric combined images with infinite possibilities of experimentation. Inspiration mostly comes from the places and coast lines, a new way of looking at Scottish landscape, with architectural and emotional responses to memory of places. Images are mainly narrative abstract, with a combination of painted surfaces and found objects that mostly come from exploring the environment. In the Urban environment I look for a combination of different elements coming together to manifest the harmony and character of the landscape, much like in music every instrument and key note plays a part in transferring one sensation and creating another emotional engagement. Rhythm is a new vision of Edinburgh Closes. The inspiration was their unique structure, the way shadows and lines frame the landscape, and the extraordinary contrasts between horizontal and vertical elements that create a harmonious vision. I graduated with BA (Art & Design) from Edinburgh College of Arts, Edinburgh University in 2013