July 30, 2019

Is There a Pixie Inside All of us?

Katie F, 23

I wrote this piece as I was inspired by the idea that inside us all there is pixie that represents our playful, curious and child like nature. The pixie is comparable to our inner child and I believe that people feel more connected to humanity when they let their inner child-like pixie spirit fly to the surface and shine through their soul… which sounds a bit airy fairy but I feel that a lot of people suppress their playful, fun, creative spirit as they feel they need to be serious and are weighted down by the woes of the world. I am fortunate to have chosen a creative pathway and am studying at drama school and therefore have the luxury and permission to play and not be criticised for doing so, however, like many people I can be an empress of self doubt. Demons such as self doubt and a lack of self esteem have the weight to squash joyful and light qualities but I think our inner pixie is always present and the power of mindfulness and contentment is much stronger than the negative emotions we can often feel. I wrote this piece also to question why that in our society it is that when we begin to leave our child hood we are often encouraged to abandon our sense of play?