October 29, 2020

Is there a benefit of an unquiet mind?

Nelly Angelosanto

PhotographyAn Unquiet Mind, 2020

Unrest, unease, upset, is thought provoking, all encompassing, debilitating, incessantly there, listening, thinking, talking, breathing every breath, walking in every step, questioning every decision, criticising every choice. Speaking every word, every thought, filtered, through the unquiet, before being internally edited and scrutinised, then released into conversation. If only we could hear every chatter of other’s thoughts, perhaps then we would realise then that we are not alone. But from the unrest, the unrelenting mental babble, the torture, pain and heartache, often comes life, and love, passion, and art, and often, the most unquiet minds, create the most beautiful things.