December 10, 2019

Is the time of the dinosaurs looming?

Calum Thom, 33

In a modern world of ever dividing politics, where most days you’d rather scratch your retinas out with a rusty, vinegar soaked tea spoon, than scream at the caveat of lies and nonsense that dribbles out from multiple screens – we dig the hard cold earth with tired finger nails for a glimmer of hope! AND, there is hope! Hope that soon a meteor will strike the Earth! All of the dinosaurs and their cracked skinned lizard lackeys can squeal with their tiny arms raised to the sky and burn to dust along with their hope of Xenu’s return. That meteor is coming and it will be loud. None of them will be sleeping because they will all be dead! My works take the form of satirical transformations of classical paintings and modern imagery to discuss themes of violence, historical recurrence and the death of grand narratives with the hope of entertaining ideas of optimism in dark black, crow black fishing boat bobbing sea.This show combines a selection of works from 2014 to the present.

A History of Bad Men, 2014Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas3000 x 2050 mm