July 31, 2020

Is the pit real, or is it all in the mind?

Kester Park

Short storyHow to escape from a pit, 20203,130 words

In this story, I wanted to put forward the environment of the worker as a mutable climate defined by mindset, rather than the concrete facts of the place. I aim to give the workers distinct voices but show the equality of their situations. This is because equality can be taken wrong to mean identicality, and this is not reflected in my experience. Furthermore, I feel that it is often not the voice of capital that keeps the worker in their place, but the voices of other workers, and wanted to take the reader through a little of this kind of interaction. Finally, I wanted to show how the working environment may transform dramatically, and change the nature of the struggle to one that gives the worker the advantage, all through achievable changes in the way that workers think and interrelate. I believe this an important story to the extent that it can form part of a conversation about the empowerment and self-representation of the labouring classes in the context of their struggle against a capitalist tyranny. I have personally developed through writing this as Bear’s question felt personal and it took me some soul-searching to develop an emotionally honest response.