November 27, 2018

Is the part of the art therapeutic?

Eleni Petridou


Could the internal journey help us to reach catharsis? In my artwork ‘ENDOSCOPY’, I create an environment that resembles a chemistry laboratory, presenting the outcome of my internal exploration.

By the use of latex and glass, I make shapes, which are inspired by the organs of the body. By this installation, I try to capture the moment when illness and bodily suffering are transformed into a spiritual experience, and later in catharsis.

My personal experience of reaching catharsis, reminds me of the Rogerian therapeutic approach, in which clients’ catharsis was considered as a basic part of therapy, which was achieved by the therapist’s acceptance of clients’ feelings, followed by the clients’ own acceptance of themselves (Arnold, 2014). All of the above can be considered as my personal reflection findings and thoughts about the body suffering and healing.

my values: to prove that the path of art can be therapeutic. Our intrinsic journey-its the only way to find catharsis.


Title: Endoscopy
Medium: Latex-PVC-glass-video projection
Date: June 2018