April 28, 2021

‘Is The Journey Really More Important Than The Destination?’

Sara Allkins

The Railway Trilogy, 2020

We spend so much of our lives travelling. We travel to school, work, on holiday and to attend important life events like Weddings and Funerals. We travel so far and so often it almost seems like we spend more time getting there than we do actually being there. So, it is it truly the ‘there’ that is important? or is it the process of reaching a ‘there’ which is key? Until recently, I spent quite a lot of my time on trains and therefore at railway stations. I watch the throngs of people and wonder where and why they are going. Once on the trains we speed past yet more people, people at home, on the streets and on other trains. All these people have lives, experiences and thoughts that for the most part I will never glimpse any clearer than the momentary flash I see as we speed by. So much humanity, passion, pain and mundanity never to be experienced outside their immediate circle, except in the split-second gaze of a passenger on a passing train. So I became other passengers, other station standers, other platform waiters. Three of them.