April 29, 2020

Is the internet and social media dividing us more than it is making us feel closer and connected?

Lloyd Fay

SongIdiocracy, 2020

What is the internet, social media and modern technology doing to society? We have never been more connected yet at the same time so divided, especially in the past few years with so many divisive elections and referendums. The best thing about the internet is that it has given everyone a voice and the worst thing is that is has given everyone a voice. A celebrity narcissist is the most powerful person on the planet arguably because of the power of social media. There is too much abuse, misinformation and cheapening of culture online. Instead of sharing knowledge you log into social media to see people lazily calling each other idiots. I personally have moved from being internet utopian to a dystopian. It is important to have a discussion about how we can come together online as a community in a way that doesn’t encourage or foster arguments and what internet providers, tech companies and the government can do to stop the spread of abuse and disinformation. The internet has the potential to unite us, not divide us.