July 22, 2019

Is the habitual cycle of mental illness exacerbated by the gig economy?

Devlin Farquharson, 30

Throughout my adult life I’ve found myself being caught in extended periods of habitual self-destructive behaviour these bouts creating a self perpetuating feedback loop. Repetitious actions that produce a distraction based coping mechanism of which I am consciously aware but struggle to break free from.

Through observation and discussion with other people that find themselves feeling trapped, I discovered that the uncertainty of income and lack of structured work life in the face of constant looming expenses would push people into seeking distraction or substance based escapism. This attempt to temporarily circumvent stress soon becomes an addictive routine within itself.

The lyrics of the song are an expression of the empty emotional nature of depression and how this can slowly chip away at a person’s empathy. The video shows a mundane idle routine devolving into destructive repetitive behaviour, the use of sped-up recording to express the automatic feeling of a habitual cycle only returning to standard speed in the end to show situational self-awareness.

The Void, 2019Music/Video