January 25, 2022

Is the Damage That We Have Inflicted on Our Planet Irreversible?

David Gilliver

PhotographyClimate Change – It’s No Small Problem, 2021

My latest photographic series aims to highlight the disastrous consequences of our actions, and inaction, on planet Earth. Using tiny animals normally intended for use within a model railway setting, I have created and photographed dioramas which provide a commentary on the damage we have caused, and are continuing to cause our planet and all its inhabitants. I hope that the photographs provoke thought, and help to highlight the scale of the problems we face as a result of humanity’s lack of foresight and planning. The models may be tiny in size (most are no more than 2-3cm tall), but their implied plight aims to provide a commentary on the very real dangers and circumstances we, and future generations are facing as a result of Climate Change.