March 14, 2021

Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Your Mental Health?

Kathryn McKenna

Behind The Mask, 2021

The past year has been and continues to be a challenging time for us all. In these unprecedented times of social distancing and multiple lockdowns, it is not only our physical health but also our mental health that has been threatened. ‘Behind the Mask’ aims to shine a light on the spiralling mental health pandemic and hopes to inspire the notion that although socially distant, we don’t have to be mentally. Filmed in Glasgow’s desolate streets with flickers of human connection, the short demonstrates how communication is more important than it has ever been – a message that will hopefully extend beyond the pandemic. With links to mental health resources at the end, ‘Behind the Mask’ strives to empower anyone who is struggling to ‘please, speak up, seek help…and know that there is hope’. (Voiceover by Clare O’Donnell)