October 13, 2019

Is the church sleeping?

Dolina Munro, 41

In a period of secular superiority, is the church fighting the good fight or sleepwalking through a culture which fashionably mocks faith?

If the answer to hostility is to turn the other cheek, does the church have enough bite to see it survive popular culture and the decline of young people in the pews?

How does it stay relevant? How does it meet spiritual needs and engage?
These are important questions to ask when we can see how at one time churches filled spiritual and communal voids. Shopping centres and sports centres have become the new focus. The void is filled a little.

But in an age of individualism, where suicide rates peak, this void seems even greater than ever. People are not satisfied.

I see a praying church before me. Or is it sleeping?

Praying or sleeping?, 2019Photgraphy