Ballpoint pen and scrap paperBannockburn, 202015cm x 20cm

I drew this cartoon for our weekly family lockdown “art challenge”. Every week since lockdown began, a member of our family picks a topic and we all draw a picture to suit. The theme “Moments in History” came up a few weeks back, and as it was the 24th of June, I thought I would commemorate the battle in sketchy cartoon form. I was trying to evoke grim determination in the faces of the men who secured independence for centuries by defeating a vastly superior force invasion force back in 1314. The picture took me about 40 minutes to complete. In my haste to meet the “art challenge” deadline, the image has taken on a Quentin Blake-esque feel that I find quite pleasing. Perhaps I was subconsciously channeling Blake as I have always admired his work.