October 28, 2020

Is the artist in a coma?

Angela Shields | Dennis Shields

Poem and PrintsArtist in a coma, 2020

Art reflects life in many ways and can be uplifting for the human spirit but, as my poem suggests-can it survive in a global pandemic? Through art history artists in many ways have documented the “best of times ” and “the worst of times”. Art always draws inspiration from life and presents it in many ways to the world in many mediums but what happens to the artist and art where every aspect of life is disrupted by uncertainty and fear? Would artists want to document these times for all to see and feel again? Through the media every day we see constant reports of the devastation the virus is causing around the world.Most of the time we are trying to survive through it all and some of us are without family and friends to comfort and hold us together. In the end, perhaps the arts will be our saviour-uplifting our spirits and when it’s all over there will be a lesson to be learned of how precious and fragile life really is. By getting life into perspective, through the arts they give us a chance to look to a ‘new normal’ and the artists’ work reflecting a new world.