My work explores the lives of working-class Scots, using our own language to express who we are, and how we feel. Central to this piece is the recognition that many older Scots were brought up with the idea that certain pathways were “no fur the likes o us”, and that we shouldn’t or couldn’t do certain things in life: that we had no option but to follow the path set out for us by our parents, society, and financial necessity. My aim is to reflect the thoughts, regrets, hopes and aspirations of an ageing working-class Scottish population. The media increasingly portray the lives of professional people who pursue second careers or undertake life-changing projects in later life, but little positive space is given to the vast majority of over-sixties who don’t fall into this professional category. I explore the idea of “last chances’, and the importance of recognising that life is finite, and through the ageing process, we may have missed, or lost our opportunity to do the thing we’ve secretly always dreamed of doing. The question is, how do we respond to that recognition? Do we accept that our time has passed or do we do something about it?