May 14, 2020

Is spiritualism necromancy?

Domen Finzgar, 30

“Paris in the fall, the last months of the year, at the end of the millennium. The city holds many memories for me, of cafes, of music, of love, and of death.” After this rather famous quote, the music of the late Barrington Pheloung starts looming over the Notre-Dame gargoyle. I was just turning seven when I heard it for the first time, and since then the melody stuck with me and set my view on film composition. But this is not an homage to him. People are way too often paying tributes to dead artists without their consent. Being stuck in the afterlife, they have no say on who would they want to connect with. It is the living who are continuously seeking to reconnect with them spiritually. Borrowing their hard-earned name brands to promote an art piece. I did it too, but my act is no homage. It is necromancy. Thanks, Barrington hope I did not disturb you too much. Rest in peace.

Necromancy, 2020