September 18, 2019

Is social media stripping women of their empathy?

Seonaid Scott


I’m not a feminist but pretty damn proud of being a woman. Until… Struggling with menopause symptoms I decided social media could be a helpful medium of support. I picked a global facebook support group with 42,000 members of women experiencing the same. I was shocked at the level of bullying, berating, ridicule and trolling women were levelling at one another. This behaviour elicited a number of questions for me, would a group of 42,000 men treat each other in this manner, was the behaviour particular to menopause, is the anonymity of social media destroying our empathy, or was what I viewed a societal expression of how women are adopting aggressive behaviours to compete and be considered equal in a world where men still dominate? I left the group with my impression, “A global group of 42000 woman should be a hugely powerful, healing, matriarchal entity of love and support who can change the world. We could be campaigning for research and support with woman’s health. Instead pettiness reigns. I am ashamed to call myself woman.”

Wishing to redress the balance and remind myself of the power of a women’s nurturing love, “envelop” was written.