October 22, 2019

Is Self-Harm and Addiction?

Ruth Richards

PlaySelf Harm is A Silent Addiction, 2019

This Play is very special to me as was informed and created by my own experiences with Depression, Anxiety and Self Harm over a period of years. The play seeks to explore the ways in which we harm ourselves knowingly and unknowingly through our relationships. Writing the play has furthered my understanding of self-harm and its impact on different echelons of society. In a world where we are barraged by images of idealised snippets of other peoples lives people have become increasingly isolated and very lonely. While the scars of actual self-harm with a razor may be very apparent the mental scars of accepting poor behavior in relationships can be more difficult to mend. The play uses monologue and episodic structure to explore many different characters and how their stories collide trough self-destruction. The work communicates to many different senses and aims to create an active audience. I hope the play will encourage self-reflection on destructive patterns of behavior.