January 13, 2020

Is seeking acceptance on social media harming us?

Ewan Morrison

FilmNone of the Above, 2018

Embarking upon a personal cyber experiment, Cassie charts her dating odyssey on her personal vlog, posting regular updates to her ever-growing number of followers. But when sensitive rendezvous footage goes viral, she becomes a media pariah. Praise and approval turns to vitriol. Cassie’s desperate attempt to fight the tide of public opinion fails, leading to tragic real-world consequences. The film explores the push and pull of social media and the dangerous contradiction at its heart – that we can only be whole as individuals, if we receive praise from relative strangers online. It asks, how can we have an intimate sense of self if we “share” everything? Do we not place ourselves in great danger if we let our lives become a performance for clicks and likes? At a time in which cyber-bullying and internet-related-suicide are on the rise None of the Above asks if we are doing psychological damage to ourselves by oversharing our personal lives. It asks, can we live without asking the internet to give us validation for existing? WARNING: This film contains fictional scenes of that some viewers may find distressing.