September 9, 2019

Is quality in art in its creator’s intention – their passion? Or, does quality lie elsewhere?

Angela Shanks, 57

This short story is a light-hearted exploration of how we might get caught up in our own personal agendas when we create art – particularly poetry. The most lauded poets must have started somewhere, scribbling doggerel, or bleeding their angst in ichored ink! This wee story, (about a woman desperately trying to be a good poet, perhaps way before she’s ready to be), is a tender and humorous dig at the notions of quality. It also explores several layers of journeys the protagonist must take, until she perhaps arrives at another self-insight – her own ‘quality’ of life. It’s okay to be a bit crap sometimes, it’s okay to be brave and give creativity an outlet, it’s okay to realise you are trying to impress. Then, however, comes our own bench-mark of what constitutes what we consider to be ‘good enough’. And sometimes…just sometimes…good enough becomes great, becomes a genuine creative gift we can share with others without guile. Then, possibly, it stops mattering whether others judge it to be good enough – for them!

Star-throat, 2019Short Story