November 25, 2018

Is Palm Oil worth the destruction of an entire Species?

Kyle Rush


This piece expresses that the life of yet another beautiful animal species is fading out to near-endangered levels and before long will see them extinct. The destruction of orangutans and their habitats in the name of harvesting palm oil is horrific as is the way it is carried out.

These animals deserve our protection, yet the media and authorities are banning adverts shaming the use of palm oil in products by saying its “too political”; yet the destruction of the orangutans is not.

The Government and Main Stream Media censor human atrocities only when it suits them and billion £ companies. We’re shown what they want, when they want, and it has to change.


Title: The Hidden and Fading Face of a Dying Species
Medium: Oil and Acrylic paint on canvas board, A3 size.