July 18, 2019

Is our culture of consumption a beast that cannot be stopped?

Alice Walter

Acrylic and ink on canvasConsumption Creature, 201921 x 27 cm

Through abstraction and the directness of cathartic brush strokes, my painting depicts a form neither object or animal, but, rather, a force in itself. And that force is consumption. It is on the move, unable to be fully pinned down or controlled; it’s source of fuel an entire culture feeding, perhaps, on itself. In this alternative perspective, the perspective of emotional meaning instead of figurative reality, clouds are but lips, ready to dictate and consume the weather itself, castrated from body and brain, forming an unthinking army, commandeering language for its own agenda as opposed to finding shared meaning and progress. The white flag should be a sign for surrender and peace (and could it still..?) but any domain would only colour it in with its chosen symbol of supposed superiority. The pill-like form already possesses a sterile identity, ready to be mindlessly consumed at any moment. The ‘Consumption Creature’ is, perversely, a creature of nature in all its greenery, but whipped into a walking fire after having been channelled through the wicked perversity of excess. In vulnerability the lack of face speaks a sad innocence; the small furriness absurd, like some animated GIF.