January 4, 2019

Is one’s real life often the life that one does not lead?

Stacey Ellis


A caterpillar will feed on the spiny/sharp leaves of the Onopordum Acanthium (thistle). It will help the creature survive, grow and develop. It will create life and substance – feeding nutrients into the caterpillar till it decides to embark on its remarkable transformation.
To me – the hidden value is simple. It shows that you can come from the harshest reality, society. You can be associated with something that isn’t the most perfect and beautiful image that people automatically accept. It doesn’t matter what your life story is or how you got there or where you come from. It’s about transforming and altering into something that is extraordinary and incredible.
And that something is YOU.
Changing religion/beliefs, gender/sexuality, body or even your hair colour.
It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you come from – you have the ability to evolve and flourish into something remarkable.