January 28, 2020

Is one mans trash, another mans treasure?

Lorna Jane Duthie

Restoration ScuptureIs Another Mans Trash, Another Mans Treasure?, 2020

How much is that Doggy in the window? A song I can connect to my unloved and exploited childhood… I saw the broken unwanted Labrador for sale in a Charity Shop Sale Bucket for twenty pence. His lost puppy dog eyes sang to me! Suddenly unwanted childhood memories came tumbling back. I was looking into the eyes of a childhood lost. I had to save him from his prominent destiny. I felt humbled but yet compelled to making a difference to his existence and saving landfills sites all at the same time. By restoring him, and lovingly sculpting a new resting place for him it gave me further inspiration to model him on the very dog that saved me from my awful P.T.S.D symptoms from childhood traumas. Marshall my ever loving dog taught me that being in the moment, and continuing to be mindful in everything that I do, heals deep traumas. This Mindfully Crafted Restoration Project can indeed prove that one mans trash can truely be another mans treasure. Now, the puppy is something to be admired and treasured just as the universe intended.