March 24, 2020

Is nostalgia more powerful than the reality?

Sarah Halliday, 42

This piece of work was created in response to my nostalgia for the place I grew up after moving to Scotland in 2008. I think nostalgia filters out the reality and you are left with an idealistic view that probably doesn’t even resemble how it actually was. This is that idealistic view. ‘Summer’ is expressed in the young and beautiful central figure, but the scenes around her represent more my memories of those late summer evenings in late Aug, when nature was getting tired of the sun, and the plants had lost their vigour of early summer. I am sure the weather was not permanent sunshine during the school summer holidays, but I cannot remember it any other way. In this instance nostalgia has washed away any negative memories and left me with this perfect idea of how I spent my childhood amongst nature from July to September, enjoying hot “English Summers”.

English Summers, 2017Digital Art100cm x 100cm