October 27, 2020

Is news reel ?

Paul Doherty

AudioStory of The Week, 20203 minutes 36 seconds

Story Of The Week is a desperate plea from the protagonist, trying to make the case for continuing a doomed relationship. He uses fantastical news stories as a seduction technique. In applying this to an everyday relationship, I am exploring whether the cavalier and divisive nature of news dissemination has started to influence the way we communicate with each other. Historically we have had a healthy scepticism of the news and nowadays many are suspicious that the news we receive, thanks to clever algorithms, is simply a reflection of what we want to hear. Social media has taken this debate to another level and many ask why should we trust formal news channels when we can get news direct from source? The death knell for formal news agencies will be when we can’t tell if stories are fake or real. Like millions of others, I am captivated each morning by news, but I am becoming increasingly wary of its provenance. That said, I am more concerned about an uncontrolled social media and its capacity to be weaponised. This has the potential to have a devastating effect on the way we communicate in our communities and with each other.