July 25, 2019

Is “modern” society becoming increasingly infantilised?

Andrew Blair, 24

Are we as a “modern” society hindering progress by neglecting to observe our accrued knowledge in favour of that which is easy, familiar and straightforward, through facile generalisations/decisions?

Recursion was created entirely through pre-determined processes that influenced:
-sequencing/vertical arrangement of pitches,
-pedalling, and
the combination of which create the overall form of the piece.

The title refers to the cyclical nature of the two pitch sequences at the core of the piece. The first falling in major 7s, the second rising in major 7s. Whilst the two sequences overlap in unpredictable ways, and the durations of the individual pitches appear random, the recurring rising and falling major 7 intervals create a familiarity and a sense of cohesion within a sea of unpredictability. We fixate on the predictability, just as in life we fixate on, and seek reassurance from, that which is predictable, to the detriment of the overriding issue.

Recursion, 2019