June 26, 2019

Is mobile journalism a revolution or an evolution?

James Mahon, 28

Are newsrooms or mobile technology changing journalism in the 21st century? In this hour long solo shot, edit, produced and presented programme, Irish TV journalist James Mahon journeys across the world investigating how newsrooms are changing due to the influence of mobile technology.

From Tennessee to Switzerland, Scotland and India, Mahon spends a week with each newsroom during some of their most challenging news cycles.

In Scotland severe weather leaves a sole one man band mobile journalist from STV braving the elements while 900 million Indians vote in the worlds biggest election covered by NDTV.

The technological and education focused documentary explores whether mobile technology or journalism is changing the way reporters find, gather and share news.

This project was self funded and supported by the University of the West of Scotland as part of doctoral research into journalism changes globally. It has been commissioned by PBS in Knoxville to air in mid August as an educational non for profit piece of solo created mobile journalism.

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