October 23, 2019

Is mental health all in the mind?

Frankie Slater, 18

Everyone suffers from mental health. It is in varying degrees this ‘mental’ health. Most of us take care of our physical health, we exercise, eat right, keep warm, sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep or our bodies are in poor shape, this impacts on us mentally. Sometimes we can recognise it in ourselves when our mental health is bad. Sometimes it takes others to see it in us. But what is mental health? Who sets the guidelines to what’s healthy? Can you be depressed and still function? Can you be mentally ill but on medication therefore coping and managing the symptoms. Are we all struggling and ignoring each other, until something bad happens. The joker being released this month is very poignant as it has brought to attention the real reason behind his (The Joker) mania which isn’t just one thing, it is many things compounded. A series of injuries, and missed opportunities to help. Which culminates into one horrific violent act that catapults him into infamy. In our world mental health used to be condemned. So we would hide it, but high profile cases (royalty, celebrities) has made it ok, to not be ok.

“Put on a happy face”, 2019Pen8.5” By 7.5”