January 27, 2020

Is memory the thing which might filter the badness and unpleasant aspects of our experience, only leaving the goodness for us to savor and yearn?

Na Hu


There was a time when I felt reluctant to write a single word on my paper. I feel somehow words are transient and would be erased by a change of heart when passions faded away. And Language can only become alive and endowed with meanings when they are read and absorbed by people again. Or in another way, the writer revises again by weaving the new feeling and new emotions into it. Sometimes writing could be pointless as words are dead so they are also permanent, while our flows of emotions and spirits are always moving ahead without a rest. one tricky thing might be that once as much as you write, you probably see writing as a way of reflecting, as a writer not only narrates his stories but also enriches them by implying and reasoning, or even from an esthetic perspective, by adding and remembering of things in the past.. And the writer is the person who processes these experiences from individual representations and then embodies them with multifaceted interpretations. Therefore I see art as an escape from trivial life; I see metaphysics is a kind of spiritual enrichment for human beings.