February 2, 2019

Is Magic Real?

Teddy Parrilla, 18

This piece is a contemplation on the existence of magic in the world- through the virtues of kindness, goodness, and by extension, love. With a society that is increasingly surrounded by negativity, and frequent outbreaks of hatred and anger worldwide, it is paramount to not lose sight of that which makes our lives worthwhile. That which brings joy to our survival is also what gives the very act of survival any desirability. Thus, this work examines the significance of love and being kind to one another, as a source of happiness in wanting to aid, support and improve others. That something so inherently beautiful withstands the test of time (not to mention the current horrors of wars, hostility, and detrimental inequality among natural peers of different genders, orientation or race) is a testimony that there is an other-worldly quality to the virtues explored in this work. In essence, the most powerful forces in realty.