October 24, 2019

Is Love Only True In Fairy Tales?

Mr E Bear, 28

For as long as I have been song writing I have been constantly working with and against myself. I want to write catchy pop music; but I do not want it to be predictable. I take my writing very seriously; but within the songs there is a sense of humour. I’m at my most honest when it’s in a song; but I put my music out under a pseudonym.

I wrote this piece as a sincere love song; but also wanted to highlight that at times both my behaviour and my partners behaviour might appear psychotic to the outsider. I wanted the song to sound upbeat and happy; but lyrically it touches on anxiety, self-doubt and other mental health issues. I wanted it to be a sing-a-long; but also have a valid message if you read the lyrics without the melody in mind.

Nothing can truly exist without the other. Love can’t just be true in fairy tales; it’s got to be true for nightmares as well.

Perfect by Design, 2018Singer-Songwriter