November 26, 2021

Is Losing the Beauty of the Natural World Worth Buttons?

Patricia Valentine

Acrylic Paint; Buttons; Beads and GlassThe Deep Blue, 202140cm x40 cm

Motivating people to change does not always come from messages stating unless society evokes immediate change we are all doomed. Their is a huge difference psychologically between running from a negative event and running towards a positive outcome. Creating positive reasons for society to change behaviours is always more effective and desirable. I believe artists and creative types have a role in changing the message through popular culture and a more positive message. A message where we are all acting to retain the beauty found in the natural world. I believe my artwork underpins this message and shows the beauty found in our oceans. The image is created using buttons to show that visual art can participate in the process of reuse of materials, sustainability and therefore add to the circular economy. Creativity from artists, poets, writers and all creative types have tackled issues and communicated in ways that connect with people and therefore help create changes in cultural. I also believe that in the future that artwork, literature and the history of this time will be judged to understand the industrial world we live in. Showing our love of nature will represent one side of the Culture of our Time.