November 21, 2020

Is lockdown making us more self-indulgent?

Christina Kyriakidou

Installation, Performance, PhotographyLockdown Christmas 2020, 2020

Consumerism and excessive waste production have always been interconnected issues that I wanted to tackle. The Christmas market is a perfect example of the superficiality of today’s materialism that is no longer connected to the initial morals and ethics the ‘Christmas spirit’ used to evoke. It is evident that Christmas time has nowadays become a vehicle by which mass production of unneeded, overpriced goods thrives. Humanitarian principles and morals have been buried under sterile consumerism that is in fact harmful to the environment and ourselves. The only products of this are excessive waste and an overall kitsch aesthetic. In 2020, a combination of Christmas consumerism with the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown, has turned self-indulgence and addictions into a popular form of coping mechanism. Our now forced isolation is highlighting how heavily we rely on consumer goods that only provide us with instant gratification and sense of security, in order to fill the emotional gap during times of loneliness and uncertainty.