January 28, 2020

Is Life?

Stefano Svanera, 29

With this poem, I wanted to remind myself what life is about, and to evoke it. Life is this endless force that humans egoistically believe affects only them, while it surrounds us completely. It’s difficult to scrape the surface of our behaviours, and focus on a deeper view of our existence. We have designed our lives to be incredibly busy, and time has become the latest luxury. However I don’t feel like the capitalist model fully represents me, life is certainly more soulful, yet I can’t relieve the invisible chains that tie me up to society. Every morning I see hundreds of people getting out of a busy train, gloomy faces disguising in the morning darkness, marching to look-a-like offices, only to be staring at a screen for most of their lives. How unnatural. Perhaps we have gone too far, perhaps we have lost the meaning of ourselves, our inner consciousness. I wish for life to come and shake us, strongly, perpetually, to wake us from this dream-like existence, we have become a collectiveness of nothing. Hit me hard life, please hit me hard and wake me up. Give me the chance to feel you again.